How can Folk help?

Folk gathers, tracks, and helps you act on all the key professional relationships that drive your business. The platform automatically creates a unified address book, tracks activity on all your communication channels, and generates insights and workflows to help you make the most out of your network.

Is Folk a solution for Teams or for individuals?

We offer both products.

What applications does Folk integrate with?

Folk will plug into all the applications you use on a daily basis - whether it's your email, social networks, calendar -, extracts and enriches all the relevant data about your relationships and enables you to act on them. Our upcoming features.

I am using the team product. Can I decide what I share with Folk and with my team?

You decide. Folk lets you pick what you share with us as well as what you share with your team. For instance: you might be able to view your email directly in Folk, but your colleagues will only be able to see what you decide to share (email subjects, dates or nothing).

I do not want to do any manual work. How does Folk address that?

Data entry is handled automatically by connecting to your sources. The vision behind folk is to make it the first truly self-enriching, self-organising address book - and to automated all tedious & repetitive tasks. Part of this will be achieved through intelligent design and part through modern machine learning algorithms.

Can I review your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?

They are accessible here. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us directly.

Do you support two-way sync between Folk and other address books?

Our mission is to be your central repository of contacts - centralizing all your sources (GSuite, Microsoft, Mailchimp, etc). We do not intend initially to sync your sources based on the information in Folk. However you will be able to "push" lists of contacts back to certain tools - ex: Mailchimp, for your next email campaign for instance.

What platforms do you support? is accessible online. We also have a a Mac App and a Windows App.

I want to use Folk both for myself and for my team. How do you handle that?

You need to set-up two separate accounts: one for yourself and one for you team. Soon, you will be able to link your personal account in your team account as a "source", and select the contacts you want to share with your team.

Is Folk only a repository of contacts or can I also act on my contacts?

Both. You can activate your contacts through our native features (campaigns, tasks, etc) and our upcoming integrations.

Where can we see your upcoming features?


What about pricing?

We are currently free in beta. Later on pricing will start at around $20/user/month.

How can we get in touch?

Send us an email at [email protected] or contact us on the live chat.

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